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Workstations, Servers, Memory, Disk Drives, DAT Drives, Printers, Plotters, Processors, Scanners, Terminals, UPS systems, and everything HP under the sun. That's a lot of stuff!!! We have tried to break everything down into groups to help our visitors. In an effort to keep this web page manageable, not everything could be listed. Anything you don't see, please contact us and we will gladly help. Thank you.

We here at Black River, are specialists in HP's series 3000 servers. Members of our staff have been configuring and selling the HP 3000 long before the HP 9000. We won't abandon you. Whether you are in need of another system with more punch, or a DR system to mirror your existing HP 3000, let us build and deliver a server designed best to help serve your company. From the last generation of the e3000's to the old Spectrums, we are the best and one of the most experienced.
Black River has been selling the HP 9000 since the early PARISC chips of the late 80's to the end of the line PA 8900. And now, we continue with the more recent style of Integrity server. From the smallest to the SuperDome, we're the place to call to deliver what you need in price and performance. Let us go to work for you.
From the latest "B" & "C" class to the oldest 700 series, even 300 & 400 series, systems and peripherals.

Black River's specialty is in Hewlett Packard Workstations. From the oldest of the 400 Series to the newest C, J, and B Class, as well as Entria and Envizex X Stations.

 Not only can we supply systems, but upgrades, graphics, storage, multi-media, RAM, monitors, etc.

Let us show you how "pain free" workstations can be.

UPRGRADE CENTER: Maximize your existing HP series 3000 and 9000 server.

More than just your HP System Provider, Black River can help you maximize your existing HP server.  We can upgrade your current server allowing faster transactions and more efficient use for a fraction of the cost.  A simple processor upgrade or the addition of more RAM can help delay costly Server replacements

HP PRINTERS: Possibly one of HP's past strengths was their impact printers. They continue to fill the printing needs that Laser printers just cannot. HP's 256x, LPQ line printer, 293x, and P405 desktop printers continue to be work horses beyond their support life.

Black River not only sells these great printers, we also repair and maintain them at very reasonable rates.  Call us and find out how much we can save you on these printers, their supplies and their support.

HP DISK STORAGE AND ARRAYS: Fast and efficient data storage for both MPE and Unix platforms.

In recent years Hewlett Packard has produced many diverse quality storage enclosures.  Weeding through them and deciding which best suits your needs can get a little tricky.  High Availability vs. RAID.  6 mechs, 10 mechs, 20 or more.  What about Mirroring?  Not to mention the pricing can range from only a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.

Let our trained professionals go to work for you to evaluate your system and your requirements to help you best select the storage system for you.

  HP ADD-ON DISKS: Add additional HP disk drives.

There is a sea of Add-on disk drives available for your existing Server, Workstation, VA, XP, RAID or High Availability Storage System.  We can help you add-on additional mechs or help upgrade your storage capacity allowing the better utilization of existing  hardware.

HP I/O Accessories: Everything from PCI, HSC to HPPB
HP Back Up Devices: LTO, DATs, Opticals, Reel to Reels, CDs, DLT, Autoloaders, Libraries, etc.
Third Party Solutions: Contact your Black River rep for other products & services such as memory.

Give us a call at 800-840-4277.