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F: 440.327.7990

3000 MPE:
996 6 way
100GB disk
768MB mem
Printers & Terminals
DAT, DLT or Tape backup
9000 HPUX:
T600 6 way
100GB disk
768MB mem
Printers & Terminals
DAT, DLT orTape backup

Black River has a fully operational computer room dedicated for this purpose. Both Hewlett Packard MPE and HPUX platforms are fully supported with high end processors, storage, backup and communication lines for remote communications. No matter which system you use, we can provide the complete disaster plan for your company at a much lower price than our competitors.

As a Black River disaster recovery customer, this entitles your company to use our facilites for real time testing of your new software, preventing down time and overloading of your current on-line system. This provides peace of mind. knowing that your computer will continue to function without creating additional problems to your current operation.

Also, in the event you need extra computing power, we can provide your company with that temporary horsepower, without the need to purchase additional equipment. This service is optional and has a discounted cpu cycle rate for all of our BRC maintenance and disaster recovery customers.

Let Black River customize a disaster plan for your company today. Please contact a sales representative at 1-800-840-4277.